Hello everyone,

Unfortunately response to this zine’s call for submissions hasn’t been very forthcoming, with only 3 entries after 2 months. Thus, it is likely that it will continue to run for a while, definitely into 2013 before it will eventually be published.

Sincerest apologies! If you have friends/communities who are into these, feel free to share and spread the word. Thanks! 




In 2010, I edited a zine compilation of 22 people sharing their perfect days. In 2011, I did another one with 24 anonymously-submitted letters people wrote to their lost friends. This year 2012, I had a new idea while on the train to work on 18 July - to collect 1 favourite memory each from 100 people around the world.

Remember: 100 Favourite Memories asks the simple question - What is your favourite memory? Was it the first time you held your child? That Saturday when you slept in while it snowed outside? The road trip on the Great Ocean Road with your university friends?

We will all have a lot of memories, but there will be a handful that will stand out and which we replay on and on sometimes in our heads and then let a smile creep up.

(image on left by Heike)

Length: As you wish

Please send submissions (& any queries) to janell [dot] hoong [at] gmail [dot] com.

Kindly include the following:
- Name (or pseudonym)
- Age (Optional)
- Location
- Short 2-line bio about yourself (Optional) (to be included at the end of the zine)

Submissions can be submitted through email or in Word documents.

Deadline: After 100 entries, or 31st October 2012 (whichever is earlier)

The zine will be ready by the end of 2012. Unfortunately I regret that I’m unable to send a copy to all contributors due to cost restraints. It will however be sold at a token price at my Etsy shop.

Thanks for reading and am looking forward to your sharing of your favourite memories!

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